Credit Tip of the Day

I have always heard that if you are denied credit when someone checks your credit report, you're entitled to a free copy of the report. But did you know that you're entitled to a free copy your credit report each year? And, one from each of the three credit bureaus? The Federal Trade Commission has mandated that since sensitive data is being maintained on you, you have the right to know what's in there without being charged for it. But, if you go to the credit bureaus sites, they'll stop at nothing to charge you for your free report. So, if you'd like a free copy of your report, visit the FTC's site here and follow the links for obtaining your free copy. I did it yesterday and it took about 5 minutes. Since you're entitled to a copy from each of the three bureaus, you can actually get a free credit report quarterly if you choose only one at a time!


Pete said…
I have three things to say, so I will divide my comment into quarters:

First, Great tip Jay! Finally a real way to get your credit report without getting SPAMed.

Second, Funny thing is, they can't seem to find me, I guess I straight up just don't exist or something. I've had this problem before when trying to get a credit report. Hum, being completely off "the man's" radar is kind of cool.

Third, a year divided by 3 isn't Quarters
Jay said…
OK, got me there. I was thinking 3x4=12, henceforth, a quarter is 3 months, so why aren't 4 months...oh, I get it now...

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