eBay Tip of the Day

If you're selling a computer on eBay, there are a few practical things you can (and should) do before you ship the computer to the buyer. Here are a few.
  • Turn off the computer prior to shipping.
  • Erase your pornographic photos that constantly fade in and out on your desktop.
  • If you have said photos on your computer, do the buyer a favor and Lysol™ the computer off first. Gross.
  • Delete sensitive documents off the computer.
  • Heck, delete your whole user, and all of your personal files off of the computer.
  • Make sure you've made sure you're sending the right computer. If your eBay ad says iBook, 800MHz G4 with 640MB of RAM, make sure you don't "accidentally" send a computer that's a G3 with only 128 MB of RAM. Tool.


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