Energy Conservation Tip of the Day

So apparently, cities are looking for ways to conserve electricity during the worst of the heat wave. Here's some easy ways you can help:

10.) Turning off the lava lamp during the day.

9.) Spending more time driving around in your car with the A/C cranked and less inside on the couch.

8.) Cutting back on foods that require energy to prepare (Ramen, Hot Pockets) and eating more that come ready to eat (Doritos, beef jerky, gummi worms).

7.) Waiting until off-peak hours before charging the anti-grav coils on your flying car.

6.) Only TiVo-ing Gilligan's Island reruns twice a week.

5.) Keeping the dial on your weather machine set to "Typhoon" or lower.

4.) Only leaving the TV on when you are actually in the house.

3.) Disabling the laser array that scans your backyard for intruders.

2.) Turning off your third refrigerator, the one you use to keep your pillows cool.

1.) Watching Sportscenter on mute.


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