Fish Tip of the Day

If you've verbally manipulated like 8 people into swimming in the 60-degree New Jersey ocean, it's generally NOT a good idea to loudly announce that you've seen the hugest fish known to mankind swimming right past your feet, screaming like a school girl and flailing your arms and legs like a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins. I can almost assure you that most people coaxed into such a swimming venture will promptly exit the frigid water, especially if they are of the fairer sex, yet not brutes, gothtards or have cankles.


Amanda said…
Nice use of the urban dictionary.
Thanks for the post Jason at

I'm good. I'm getting Friday off, since I've spent 13 hours at work daily over the back three days editing/animating a video.

I also got free tickets to a Colts game from my employee. It's just pre-season, but oh well, my fiance's never been to a pro game.

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