Driving Tip of the Day X

Jen & Pete actually saw this happen before our very eyes:

To avoid being rude, I didn't take a picture of the driver with it still stuck in her car, but this is what it looks like:

Oh, and as a side tip, the safety breakaway, breaks off nice and clean but it doesn't snap back in to place. I think its mainly to make sure the offender is humiliated, there is no covering your tracks here, hoping no one noticed.


Amanda said…
This is hilarious!
Jules said…
I'm leaving a comment because Amanda was lamenting that no one commented anymore. So despite the fact that I don't have much to say, here I am.

Um, I guess I hope this doesn't happen to me? See - hardly worth it, right AG?
Pete said…
Any comment is worth it JW!

And I actually have a sub comment to comment on your comment. That is exactly, word for word what Jen said when it happened. I have always been kind of paradiod about this kind of thing, always checking our my right mirror before I drive off, but now I am extra paradoid. Especially when I see a gas pump without the safety breakaway feature. I can't imagine how bad that would be.
Amanda said…
I did not realize that this was such a rampant problem in today's society.

I did once drive off with the gas cap and door open, and a nice older gentleman pointed this out to me (at first I was a little nervous as I am when any random guy in an adjacent vehicle tries to talk to me). But thankfully the cap and door were both attached and I did not have an accompanying spout.

Julie, thanks for leaving a comment. Mad props to you!

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