Driving Tip of the Day X

Jen & Pete actually saw this happen before our very eyes:

To avoid being rude, I didn't take a picture of the driver with it still stuck in her car, but this is what it looks like:

Oh, and as a side tip, the safety breakaway, breaks off nice and clean but it doesn't snap back in to place. I think its mainly to make sure the offender is humiliated, there is no covering your tracks here, hoping no one noticed.


Amanda said…
This is hilarious!
Jules said…
I'm leaving a comment because Amanda was lamenting that no one commented anymore. So despite the fact that I don't have much to say, here I am.

Um, I guess I hope this doesn't happen to me? See - hardly worth it, right AG?
Pete said…
Any comment is worth it JW!

And I actually have a sub comment to comment on your comment. That is exactly, word for word what Jen said when it happened. I have always been kind of paradiod about this kind of thing, always checking our my right mirror before I drive off, but now I am extra paradoid. Especially when I see a gas pump without the safety breakaway feature. I can't imagine how bad that would be.
The Keiser said…
OK, this is crazy. When my parents were in town helping me move in, we were stopped at a gas station and somehow the conversation turned to this very topic. As we were standing outside the car (my dad, brother, and myself), the car one pump over drove off and sure enough, the line went with him! My dad yelled at him (I think he realized right away). And talk about humiliation, the guy confessed to getting after his wife for doing the very same thing only a week or two prior!
Amanda said…
I did not realize that this was such a rampant problem in today's society.

I did once drive off with the gas cap and door open, and a nice older gentleman pointed this out to me (at first I was a little nervous as I am when any random guy in an adjacent vehicle tries to talk to me). But thankfully the cap and door were both attached and I did not have an accompanying spout.

Julie, thanks for leaving a comment. Mad props to you!

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