Barf Tip of the Day

If either or both scenarios play out, stop WHATEVER you are doing and IMMEDIATELY attend to the situation:
  • Your dog's stomach is making gurgling noises, similar to the sound a human stomach makes after eating a Big Mac at McDonald's.
  • Your dog is making the following sounds: "Gag, cough, hack, hack, yaaaaaaaack, splatter, splatter."
Oh, and bring a bottle of 409 and some paper towels. Maybe Renee's steam cleaner.


Amanda said…
Hilarious...and a good tip.

We had a cat who would started that stomach roll thing indicating a hairball was breaking free. Of course, she was always on something like my bed or the carpet. As soon as possible, she was carried or thrown to a more cleanable surface (like the kitchen or bathroom).
Pete said…
This ad came up for me when I was reading Amanda's comment in Gmail:
Pet Urine Remover Recipe - - Don't buy expensive cleaners! Make your own with this easy recipe
The only trick is this "recipe" is $8. Not to mention the cost of the ingredients. Jay, how much do you buy your pet cleaner for?
Jay said…
LOL! Yes, animals have a knack for barfing in the worst possible places. LOL again with the StinkyPets website. And yes, my pet cleaner cost a grand total of $1 at the dollar store, and seriously works wonders. And, it's easy to use. Spray on, let dry, and vacuum up the stain. Folks, it just doesn't get any easier.
CGrim said…
I formally protest the disparaging comments made against Big Macs in this post and subsequent comments!

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