Barf Tip of the Day

If either or both scenarios play out, stop WHATEVER you are doing and IMMEDIATELY attend to the situation:
  • Your dog's stomach is making gurgling noises, similar to the sound a human stomach makes after eating a Big Mac at McDonald's.
  • Your dog is making the following sounds: "Gag, cough, hack, hack, yaaaaaaaack, splatter, splatter."
Oh, and bring a bottle of 409 and some paper towels. Maybe Renee's steam cleaner.


Amanda said…
Hilarious...and a good tip.

We had a cat who would started that stomach roll thing indicating a hairball was breaking free. Of course, she was always on something like my bed or the carpet. As soon as possible, she was carried or thrown to a more cleanable surface (like the kitchen or bathroom).
Pete said…
This ad came up for me when I was reading Amanda's comment in Gmail:
Pet Urine Remover Recipe - - Don't buy expensive cleaners! Make your own with this easy recipe
The only trick is this "recipe" is $8. Not to mention the cost of the ingredients. Jay, how much do you buy your pet cleaner for?
Jay said…
LOL! Yes, animals have a knack for barfing in the worst possible places. LOL again with the StinkyPets website. And yes, my pet cleaner cost a grand total of $1 at the dollar store, and seriously works wonders. And, it's easy to use. Spray on, let dry, and vacuum up the stain. Folks, it just doesn't get any easier.
Anonymous said…
Maybe they ate a Big Mac.
CGrim said…
I formally protest the disparaging comments made against Big Macs in this post and subsequent comments!

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