Right Turn Tip of the Day

So lets say you're driving in downtown Nicholasville, fairly late, attempting to make a left turn. You're sitting at a red light. Minutes whizz past with no sign of the light turning green. In fact, you watch for the Pedestrian crossing to finally change to a stopped hand, but in fact, it changes to a walking man again. Clearly, even moving up or back doesn't register that your car is there. Your temptation? Since there's no cars coming, go ahead and turn. How ever, you get pulled over by an invisible cop.

Sound familiar? Well it turns out the cop himself has some advice for this situation. He says, when that happens you should just give up going left, and make a right turn instead (remember downtown Nicholasville has very narrow roads so this is easy). Then go down smaller roads or make right turns till you're turned back around and not subject to any misbehaving green lights.


CGrim said…
Why did I never realize that before? If you drive in all right turns, in gradually-increasing spirals, you can get anywhere in the world!

I may just stop taking left turns altogether!
Anonymous said…
If you are a resident of Kentucky or of another state that allows U-turns in the middle of the road, just try taking a right at the light and flipping a quick U-turn. If you do this twice, you'll end up on the road you want.

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