Shoe Tip of the Day

If you're black shoes get a little scuffed, just borrow a Sharpie from a co-worker. You can perform a quick touch up and only mice and gnomes would ever notice!

-Thanks Thor


JCo said…
Great tip Thor. You can also use permanent marker on clothing to hide imperfections.
The Keiser said…
Jen, I'm so glad your new name allows your nickname/username to sound so similar to the old JMO. It's like a pebble of stability in a rapidly changing world.
Stephanie said…
Here's to "pebbles of stability!"
Jay said…
I agree with the keiser. It is a breath of fresh air if you will.
Amanda said…
The winding river of change continues as we lose R-Nutt to GA and the Army. We are happy and sad at the same time. So, I wholeheartedly concur with rejoicing in the pebbles.

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