Boyscout Tip of the Day

So you know to always be prepared. And you are, you are ready for anything. But, if you want to become a Third Degree Eagle Scout, you not only need to be prepared for anything, you need to be prepared for every possible thing. That's right, everything you could possibly need to use a pocket knife for. From, a simple knife, to tweesers, to scissors to a bike chain rivet setter. This knife truly has it all:


Anonymous said…
It doesn't seem all that convenient to carry around.
CGrim said…
Nonsense! normally it would require an entire toolbox to have all those tools, now you can have them in one convenient 13-lb. pocketknife!
Pete said…
In case anyone was truly wondering. It comes in "weighing 2 pounds, 11 ounces and measuring 8.75 inches." And has 85 tools on it.
Pete said…
Oh, and lucky for us, its labeled "Version 1.0." I can't wait to see Version 8! I want a USB mouse on this thing!

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