Drive Tip of the Day

If you're like me, you'll get caught immediately when you break the law. Like, say you're driving in downtown Nicholasville, fairly late, attempting to make a left turn. You're sitting at a red light. Minutes whizz past with no sign of the light turning green. In fact, you watch for the Pedestrian crossing to finally change to a stopped hand, but in fact, it changes to a walking man again. Clearly, even moving up or back doesn't register that your car is there. Your temptation? Since there's no cars coming, go ahead and turn. Who will see? But if you do, your radar detector might beep revealing a copper catching you RIGHT in the act. He WILL pull you over, and if you kiss butt, he may let you go just by checking your license and insurance.


Amanda said…
I guess the old adage, "no cop, no stop," does not apply because you can't always see where the long arm of the law is staking out.
Jay said…
It's true, A-Ger. It's true. And as a bonus, keep in mind many cities, like Louisville, feature Cops-In-Disguise.™ They travel in Camaros or the like. So, just because you don't see a Crown Vic doesn't mean it's not a copper.

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