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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ironing Tip of the Day

X Games…old school. Extreme Walking…blah. Cow Tipping…requires manure dodging. For all of you who are burn out on the latest extreme thrill, well we have a new one for you, and it involves one of my favorite things to rant about. Well all other thrills bore, check out Extreme Ironing. Ironing in the kitchen is just so, well bland. Try ironing in a bog, or in a tree, or on a cliff. Now that's fun!


Blogger JCo said...

Could this actually make ironing more appealing?

30 March, 2006 12:28

Blogger Pete said...

I guess it creates a whole new issue, how do you get your clothes back from wherever with out getting them wrinkled again?

30 March, 2006 12:47

Blogger Amanda said...

The ranking site was very funny because we have all been there. I have decided that ironing is just not worth it for me. It has to be a super wrinkly shirt for me to even bother - and I have to really like said shirt.

Also on these extreme ironing sites...how do they get electricity?

30 March, 2006 13:53

Blogger Andy said...

solar power?

Im not so sure about the guy ironing underwater, though...

30 March, 2006 15:43

Blogger Pete said...

Some Ironers have found other ways of providing heat

30 March, 2006 15:51


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