Shopping Cart Tip of the Day

When you're out shopping for groceries, it may be helpful to recall how you got to the store in the first place. If you drove your car, put your mind at ease - there is nothing more to worry about.

However, if you walked to the store, you should probably take care not to buy more groceries than you can reasonably carry back. Milk, for example, gets very heavy after as little as a half mile.

If you find yourself pushing a fully-loaded cart out the sliding doors into the parking lot and thinking to yourself, "Hmm, that's odd. Where's my car?" then it's already too late. You now have two options in front of you: 1) push the cart all the way home, drawing stares and ridicule, or 2) hide it in some dark corner of the shopping complex, and come back for it later in your car. Hopefully no one will have plundered it in your absence.


Jules said…
haha.. that last link is my favorite. they're the cutest little pirates ever!
CGrim said…
I had a ton of the pirate legos when I was younger, they were the best. that might actually be where my fascination with pirates stems from, come to think of it...

the little lego sharks were awesome. :)

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