Seamstress Tip of the Day

You've showed up to work and your female co-worker happens to notice that your shirt is missing a button. Your co-worker smiles and hands you her handy pocket sewing kit. What do you do? (Aside from having her sew you up.)

First things first, thread your needle. To maximize sewing time and prevent pulling the thread out of the needle (it took you ten minutes to thread it before you discovered the little silver threading tool), pull both ends of the thread until they match evenly. Then knot both ends together by wrapping the thread around the tip of your finger and rolling it down. Sew the button
on your shirt by lining up the button hole. Most of the time you can still see where the old button was sewed on. Once you have finished attaching the button, tie the end off by running your needle and thread behind the button several times. Cut off the thread and needle. You're finished. Congratulations!



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