Water Cooler Tip of the Day

I am actually wondering why water coolers place the spouts so low you would have to be a chimpanzee to get a glass of water without bending over slightly or have extra long arms to reach the spouts. What is the deal with this? And does anyone have any suggestions for us non-chimp users?


Jay said…
Good call. Never thought of that. Maybe they want to be accessible for "little people." I always am the one that makes the large bubble appear and the gurgling sound. Embarrassing.
Pete said…
The large bubble is the best part!
Anonymous said…
The water cooler at work is extra low and i have to bend down even further to make sure the cup is actually under the spout. I like the one at our house better.
Anonymous said…
I suspect it's low so that people don't have to lift the 50-lb water tank so high.

What I really hate is when they run out of cups and no one replenishes them, and I'm so thirsty, and there's a huge tank full of cold, clear, wonderful water just staring at me, separated from me by millimeters of translucent blue plastic, mocking me!

Sometimes I'm tempted to get on my knees and pour the water straight into my mouth like a water fountain. But then I remember that there's an actual water fountain right down the hall.
Stephanie said…
Ah, but no one has answered Jen's question...how to make it easier for the non-chimps. Well, my suggestion is to use this opportunity to practice your lunges and/or squats. :-)

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