Region Tip of the Day

You know your in the south when your local 11:00 news starts out with this shocking headline: "Channel 36 was first on the scene at Waffle House…"


Jay said…
Yes, whenever a "hot story" takes place in a Waffle House, you know you're in Kentucky. Also, whenever the top story is a "local peasant" being bitten by a snake, it's either a ridiculously slow news day, or also, in Kentucky. Especially when they interview Leonard Fitch's cat, Sparky, who also was bitten.
hogie said…
While it may be an immediate signal that you are in Kentucky, or south Georgia for that matter, you would be truly suprised of the drama that can arise at a Waffle House. As what I would call somewhat of a Waffle House Addict, I have seen things that would blow your mind.
Men arguing over who's dog has more teeth (they both had 3 teeth among them including the 2 dogs) to the drama of friendly waitresses fighting in the back (true story very funny).

So the moral of the story is; yes, it may be a slow day in the news, but the drama of the Waffle is always there.

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