Spare Key Tip of the Day

If you get into a fight with a friend who has your spare house key, be sure to make arrangements to pick up said key. It may happen that your now ex-friend chooses to mail your house key back to you through our United States Postal Service. It may also happen that someone less than upstanding will rip a hole in the envelope and steal your house key, only after taking a glance at the address on the envelope. If so, you will have to call your landlord for an emergency lock change. All this for a minor fee of $25 and an evening of anxiety over who might try to come through the door when you're no-so-calmly watching reruns of "Sex and The City." Moral of the story: Just don't mail a house key. Hmm, I'm thinking of a slogan for a national campaign.... "Friends don't let friends mail house keys." Yes, that will do.


Jules said…
what a sickening realization to come to when it hits you what was supposed to be in the envelope. ugh! this seriously gives me reference when i think "what could really happen?" when debating mailing something "sensitive." great. i needed another reason to be jaded and cynical. ;)

thanks for your contribution becks.
Becky said…
I'm generally skeptical of what mail actually gets delivered to my apartment, as well as what mail remains in my mailbox. My neighbors have been prone to breaking into mailboxes & leaving them open for hours at a time. I have lost at least one gift card since I moved here. I'm also cynical & jaded, at least when it comes to the USPS.
JCo said…
I actually sent a key back to a friend of mine in the mail without taping the key to the card inside and it didn't make it to its destination (lesson learned). Now I never thought the key was taken, but merely the key used its teeth to chew out of the envelope to freedom. I wonder if my friend put in new locks?
Sqiar said…
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