Undating Tip of the Day

Ok, so you were hoping that that creepy guy wouldn't talk to you, but he did and now he wants to "get to know you." Well just to be safe, give him a papernapkin.net email address. Yeah, then when that creep tries to email you, he'll be greeted with:

Subject: Nice to hear from you

Ha ha, just kidding. Actually, this is a rejection letter. The person who gave you this email address does not want to have anything to do with you.


Amanda said…
Although I am a fan of being honest and direct (quick like a bandaid), there are just some creepy guys who won't take no for an answer. Here's also a phone rejection site: http://www.rejectionline.com/ and I guess there are several numbers. Since cell phones are so common, they might not wonder too much about a different area code. But I suggest knowing which area code your rejection line of choice so you don't look ignorant.
Anonymous said…
Love the site, came from Andy's at Right Hand of God. Linking it to mine - keep up the great work :)
Pete said…
Thanks Kath!

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