Acronym Tip of the Day

Much to my chagrin, the Italian BMT is officially named after the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit. So do not try as I did to order a twelve inch Biggest Meatiest Tastiest from Subway. They look at you really weird when you do that.


CGrim said…
If you order a 12" Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit, then, they know what you're talking about?
Anonymous said…
Oh man, I bet you felt foolish. A big shot like you looking silly in front of the Subway girl. Man, oh, Man.
Jay said…
I always thought BMT stood for "Big-A Mother Taster" but I guess I'm wrong too. Thanks, Thor, for helping me not have an ordering mishap.
Kris said…
According to "The Princess Bride", it's bacon, mutton and tomato. Definately my authority on accuracy in information.

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