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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pet-Sitting Tip of the Day

If you enjoy pet/house sitting for a particular client, write them a note to read on their return that describes how the week went and how much their animal missed them, and leave a few surprises around the house to let them know you care. For example, leave a photo like this on the desktop of their home computer, or write "I LUV MURPHY" with the kids' refrigerator magnets. Besides being honest (I do love Murphy the Dalmation), it makes the client rest easy during their trips, knowing that you've got their household under control.


Blogger Kris said...

oh! And with a picture like that, who wouldn't love Murphy?

06 March, 2006 22:39

Blogger Blair said...

That picture reminds me of the zebra question.

Is it white stripes on top of black or black stripes on top of white?

07 March, 2006 00:43


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