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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Potato-Buddy Tip of the Day

Potato with a face

Many of you have read and loved our Walnut Buddy Tip from yesteryear which is why we bring you this tip. If you want to have a guaranteed smile every time you approach your kitchen window, simply take a small, shriveled, dried-up potato with a scary sprouting head-adornment like this little guy and place a smiley face on him using a Sharpie. When others let you down, this little guy will not. You'll always come home to his face smiling. And thanks to the Potato Blight™ it should be easy to find under-sized (but perfectly sized for our little venture) potatoes everywhere from Wal-Mart to Kroger. Sure, dogs will always give you love and affection and will never be mad at you, but our potato friend won't pee on your carpet. It's the perfect pet!


Blogger Pete said...

LOL, my co-workers demanded I tell them what I was laughing about.

14 March, 2006 09:58

Blogger Jay said...

And now they are disturbed, dismayed, and think I am the strangest person they have ever met.

14 March, 2006 12:22

Blogger Pete said...

No worries, they already thought that

14 March, 2006 13:08

Blogger Heather said...

Gee....it's funny what people will do when they have an old sprouty potato lying around!:)

14 March, 2006 17:03

Blogger Blair said...

French fries anybody?

14 March, 2006 17:12

Blogger Lalah DeSha said...

haha...that's funny! I heard you're working from home now...congrats on your business! Yet, it looks like you may be slightly bored...

18 March, 2006 09:52


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