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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Transparency Tip of the Day

Before donning a new, very tight bathing suit for spring break, make sure to do a quick "transparency when wet" test. Especially when the suit has white in it. Don't wait until you're wading in ice-cold water on the beach and will have to walk back to the towel to find out your wet suit may now reveal sensitive data.


Blogger Jules said...

Seriously, NO ONE has a comment about this? Jason will be so disappointed when he returns from spring break. Can you all not imagine the scenario which prompted this tip? What I am really waiting for, however, is the full story from Christine when she gets back. It's always better. :)

23 March, 2006 13:46

Anonymous Kath said...

Ah, brilliant.

23 March, 2006 14:03

Blogger Kris said...

Now there's a picture I very much don't want! Both the scenario that prompted this, which is a story I believe I've been told at one time or another, and the picture on the link! Yuck!

23 March, 2006 18:18

Blogger Amanda said...

I like the guys' pink finger nails. Is this Arnold Schwarzenegger? This looked photoshoped - I wonder what it looked like before. eek!

24 March, 2006 10:29

Blogger Jay said...

Jules, Thanks for getting this going. I would've been sad had there been no comments. Thanks so much.

26 March, 2006 16:50


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