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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Secret tip of the day

During a time of war, there are certain things you don't want people to know...where you are, where you're going, or what you're planning to do. So, if you're the president, and you expect your young 2nd Lieutenants to not tell their fiancees where they are, wouldn't it be a good idea to lead by example and not announce where you'll be keeping our U.S. brigades? Either way...ladies, if your man is getting ready to serve overseas, or men, if you're getting ready to go, when you're on the phone, don't follow our President's example, and be sure not to mention the name of the country that our troops are in. Consequence? They'll shut down the phone lines. All the phone lines. And you'll find a bunch of angry soldiers who've just been cut off from their loved ones. Not to mention...the enemy might be listening and find out that we're in K.... Oh, wait, didn't Bush already mention that?


Blogger Jules said...

Ah, Kris is sassy and sarcastic this morning. I don't blame you, kid, that sucks.

02 March, 2006 09:51

Blogger Kris said...

This morning is no different than others...I'm sassy and sarcastic every day! Just ask my students. Eh?

02 March, 2006 12:20

Blogger Jay said...

Well placed "eh," my friend. The Keiser and The Hogie would be proud.

02 March, 2006 17:02

Blogger Stephanie said...

I'm confused! What's a "hogie?"

03 March, 2006 01:04

Blogger JCo said...

A big old sandwich Steph.

03 March, 2006 08:10

Blogger Jules said...


03 March, 2006 08:59

Blogger Pete said...

Also a guy Matt worked with in Torino

He's also commented on a couple of the recent posts: Blinging Tip, Olympic Tip, Torino Tips 2 and 4

03 March, 2006 09:00

Anonymous Andy said...

mmmmm.... hoagie....

03 March, 2006 09:59

Blogger Stephanie said...

Thanks for clearing it up, kids. ;-)

05 March, 2006 12:07


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