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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Torino Tip of the Day II

You know how they always say, "When in Rome..."? Well, I figure that because Rome is in Italy, you can probably also say "When in Torino, do as the Torino-ans do." The good folks from Torino like to be all up close and personal with their significant others. On the public buses, street corners, malls, restaurants, etc., nothing stops a Torino native from "getting all up on" the person they're with. So, if you go to Torino, bring someone special. And have a 24/7 cuddle party with them.


Anonymous Christine said...

Two things:

1. Remember--We're not in Italy anymore.

2. If said tip will hasten the advent of my first trip to Italy, I must be pragmatic and eloquently say, "Bring it on."

21 February, 2006 09:44

Blogger Stephanie said...

Ah, men with accents and fantastic Chianti! Italy...here I come. (Any other takers?)

21 February, 2006 12:09

Blogger Stephanie said...

(...before anyone commits me to a tabbacheria, I wouldn't "get all up on" just anybody!) However, funny story--my friend's 16-year-old daughter was in Italy, and when a young Italian lad approached her who was greeting everyone else with kisses on two cheeks, she decided to play along...except he really kissed her, quite like the French do, right in front of a few family members.

When in Rome....

21 February, 2006 13:48

Blogger Jules said...

Ok, that's hilarious. Reminds me of the time my friend's two uncles wanted to spank me (stop it, it wasn't like that!) on my 21st birthday. Ok, maybe it WAS like that. But it was a friendly family bbq for goodness sake. I don't know, but I knew it was completely inappropriate, as my eyes flew around pleading for help from anyone else who found this situation odd. Luckily, nothing shady went on. And granted I was 21, not a tender 16, but I was--and am still--relieved that the initiative died down.

Don't worry Steph, no one thinks you would do that. And I concur that whatever gets me to Italy, fine by me.

Anyone else disturbed that Jason used the phrase "24/7 cuddle party?"

21 February, 2006 15:10

Anonymous Andy said...

Steph that is a great story...

if more people would do that, the world would be a happier place. :)

21 February, 2006 15:39

Blogger Jules said...

um, before anyone gets any great ideas, i just have to say this... TWO WILLING PARTIES, people! now, embarrassment or no, if this young girl wanted this equally as young lad to do such a thing (even if only in her wildest dreams), then i'm cool with it. but we can't have spontaneous, unwanted kissing going on. good grief, what would TSB look like?

21 February, 2006 16:19

Blogger Stephanie said...

The 16-year-old, while smart, has a bit of a wild streak, so she quickly became a willing participant, much to her older sister's chagrin. Luckily, mom wasn't along.

Humm..spontaneous unwanted kissing. Well, as the Good Book says, I think TSB would become a frenzy of "weeping and gnashing of teeth."

21 February, 2006 16:33

Blogger vander said...

Kids, you do know you can just buy a plane ticket and go to Italy, right? The airfare's the same whether you tolerate sexual harrassment once you arrive or not. I mean, I think it is. I haven't really looked into it.

And Julie - - that's gross. I'm glad you were spared. Again, gross. A pox on skanky uncles.

21 February, 2006 17:12

Blogger Pete said...

Vander: Its good to have you back

Andy: I am not going to flat out agree with that statement. I more agree with Julie, yet I would still even be a step more conservative than that.

Julie: Yes, I am disturbed by Jason's 24/7 Cuddle party, because for about 7 or 8 hours a day, at least, I am the only one in the same building as Jason (with Matt gone and all).

21 February, 2006 18:49

Anonymous Andy said...

um, before anyone gets any great ideas, i just have to say this... TWO WILLING PARTIES, people!

okay okay, you do make a good point.

22 February, 2006 09:00

Blogger Jay said...

No one should be surprised that I want a 24/7 cuddle party. I love the image of TSB becoming a kissing frenzy of constant cuddle partying. Hilarious. How would Brad introduce that?

22 February, 2006 09:29

Blogger Jay said...

Sexual repression anyone?

22 February, 2006 09:30

Anonymous Andy said...

he could introduce one of the many sexually-charged icebreaker games out there. suck-n-blow, for example

22 February, 2006 10:40

Blogger Kris said...

Twister anyone?

23 February, 2006 11:33

Blogger hogie said...

I must say that this is extremely true, being in Italy myself. And at times... it can be quite disturbing.

For example, earlier today I was happily strolling through the mall when I came upon a couple who were, shall we say, "all up on" each other. What does a guy have to do to simply enjoy a pleasnt stroll through the mall? While on the other hand, if I was with a "cuddle buddy" I can't say that I wouldn't be doing the exact same thing.
But as they say "when in rome..."

23 February, 2006 11:41

Anonymous Andy said...

Twister anyone?

Only if it's Strip Twister.

23 February, 2006 12:47

Blogger Heather said...

Wow this blog is getting quite steamy, isn't it?

23 February, 2006 13:34

Blogger Pete said...

Ya, I thought Tip O Da Day was PG rated

23 February, 2006 13:44

Blogger Jay said...

Let's review all the times I took our site's rating from PG to R...

23 February, 2006 15:04

Blogger Jay said...

Oh, welcome to Tip of the Day, Hogie!

23 February, 2006 15:04

Anonymous Andy said...

now that I think of it, Strip Twister sounds like a fruit juice, like a mix of Mango & Peach or something...

plausible deniability

23 February, 2006 17:06

Blogger Jules said...

Hey Heather ;) Long time no see.

I refuse to comment on strip twister. You guys are taking my innocent childhood memories and flushing them down the toilet.

24 February, 2006 08:43


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