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Friday, March 16, 2007

Inspiration Tip of the Day

Need inspiration for a project, idea, etc.? We have an easy solution. Get ready for bed, then pour yourself a glass of milk, and get out a package of Oreos. Eat at least 5, then go to bed. Within minutes, you'll be wide awake, your brain firing with great ideas. You won't be able to sleep, but at least you'll have some good ideas! Note: this tip has been tested by one person using 2% milk, and regular Oreos. Vitamin D, or skim milk has not been tested, nor have Double-Stuft, Chocolate, Mint, or Fudge Oreos been tested.

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Blogger Amanda said...

Chocolate and calcium - a great combo.

16 March, 2007 10:39

Blogger Jay said...

Mmmm. Combo....

18 March, 2007 11:47

Blogger Pete said...

Sound like a perfect idea to me.

18 March, 2007 20:48


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