Hot Lunch Tip of the Day

Are you trying to watch calories, but the thought of cold carrot sticks for lunch makes you want to fold like a house of cards and call up the pizza place down the street?

If you like soup, let me suggest a nice steaming bowl full of Lipton noodle soup - that's right the kind that comes in a box. I'm not saying it's the healthiest thing you could eat for lunch (those worried about their sodium intake, be careful), but you can eat an entire envelope's worth (3 cups!) of the Extra Noodle variety for a grand total of 270 calories. It's hot, filling, comfort food which will remind you the lunches your mom used to fix for you on snow days. And I'm not talking filling like crappy diet-speak filling where they call three celery sticks and half a turkey sandwich "filling" when it soooo isn't. I mean, actually filling. Why else do you think the construction workers love to bring soup in their thermoses?

Besides taking a long time to eat (for those of you who are just as much "mouth hungry" as actually hungry), it will surely curb those hunger pangs you've been having since your 10 AM meeting, and it won't consume your daily allotment calories in one sitting (like that pizza almost surely will).

Warning: If you are drinking water whilst consuming these vast amounts of soup (as you well should because the water is good for you), you will have to pee approximately 23 times throughout the course of the afternoon. I'm just saying.

If Lipton would like to send me any free samples, please email me.


Jay said…
Mmmm. Sounds tasty. And yes, you're so right about "mouth hungry." Often it's more like, "I need to eat something" than "I'm hungry." A grilled cheese sandwich would be awesome to dip in there, but that's a little hard to make at work :-)
Amanda said…
Glad someone else has delicious soup as well. I have it almost every day. I usually have a can of soup and a piece of fruit. Several brands have delicious, low-fat, low-cal options like New England Clam Chowder and Mexican Tortilla Soup. Yum!
Jay said…
Oh, and I used to HATE when I was starving by 10:00am. It feels like you have SO much longer to go.

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