SXSW Tip of the Day

So among our normal readership, there is perhaps no one who can benefit from this tip, but its the weekend and no one reads Tip O Da Day on the weekend anyway. At South By Southwest, where this particular tipper is on this particular weekend, a lot of time is spent inside of the Austin Convention Center. Acc, as I think I may begin to call it, leaves a lot to be desired, such as water fountains on the third floor. Well those attending SXSW Interactive got a little red card that gives them one free drink a day across the street. Not being one much for beer, I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that bottled water is on the very short menu. That'll help kick dehydration in the acc.


Anonymous said…
Great tip. Hope you're enjoying SXSW. Thought I'd leave you a little comment on my daily podcast coverage from the event at
Pete said…
Funny you should comment, I found your Podcast for the first time on Friday and listened to your interview with Hugh Forrest as I was wrapping things up at the office before I headed out to the airport.

P.S. Be sure to check out my "real" blog at

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