Google via TXT Tip of the Day

Google has a SMS (text message) search service that lets you get weather, directions, scores, stocks, phone listings, etc by sending a text message. The service is free but standard text messaging fees from your mobile carrier apply. To get a list of sample queries check out Google's SMS page, or in the true spirit of this tip, message 'tips' to 46645 to receive a list of sample queries.


Jay said…
Wow, this is seriously a GREAT tip--I didn't know that was out there. What's awesome is, you can basically NEVER have to use 411 again. If you're like, "shoot, what's the number for that chinese place to get takeout from?" Just TXT google "wahmei 40356" and it'll send back their address and number. Then, you can TXT back for directions. It's literally like having Google with you wherever you go. Pretty frackin' amazing. I also tested "weather 40356" and it sends it back, etc.... Really cool.
CGrim said…
That is actually pretty cool. I tested the movie listings with "wild hogs 30456" and it gives rating, movie length, show times at the three closest theaters, and the addresses/phone numbers of those theaters.

At least if Google is going to take over all of our lives, they are providing us with somewhat useful services in return.

I bet this is how the antichrist will get so many followers. By providing useful services. :) ha

ex. "I call this widget Mark of the Beast, and by installing it on your forehead, you are selling your soul to me! In return, you get weather and stock updates beamed straight into your brain, and the location of the cheapest gas in your county!"
Jay said…
It's soooo true. If they change their official spelling to "Gooogle," they'll have an alpha-numeric mark of the beast in the middle of their name. (Because Os are made using 6s). Conspiracy anyone?

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