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Serving sizes are so unpredictable. It may just be two pieces when you're talking about Double Stuf Oreos, or it could be 55 when you're talking about Goldfish. And since 55 Goldfish only have 1g of saturated fat, snack away! Compare that to Samoas, which has 2.5g of saturated fat per cookie, and you might just be telling those Girls Scouts to take a hike this year.
-Thanks Brittney


Unknown said…
The heck? Samoas used to be Carmel deLites and the one with two heads were Shortbreaads. Why have they renamed everything? And where are my Lemon Pastries? And dont get me started about the discontinuation of Strawberries n Creme.
Amanda said…
They are still called Carmel deLites, at least in some areas, like my drawer at work. I've had four today (it's been a rough one) :). Yum!
CGrim said…
I would tell everyone to take a deep breath and settle down, but I have to admit I'm kinda curious about the discontinuation of Strawberries n Creme.

P.S. In other unrelated junk food reviews... of the new Pringles Select, the Sundried Tomato is by far the best flavor, followed closely by the Parmesan Garlic. The Szechuan Barbeque is a distant third (just a tad too strong, although tasty at first).

There's also a Cinnamon Sweet Potato, which sounds weird and filthy.
Anonymous said…
I think the names are different because there are two bakers now. The original is ABC and the new one is Little Brownie.

Srawberries n Creme were round cookies and had strawbery jam in a hole at the center that were very good. From the history from the Samoas link it looks like they were released in 1994 up to 1996 and possibly called Juliettes by the new company. Also note there's a poll to vote for which cookie you want brought back on the LB history page.

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