Fraud Tip of the Day

So we've already covered that you're not all that liable for fraudulent Credit Card activity. Well did you also know that your liability is limited for regular bank accounts too? (in the U.S.) The only trick is you have to catch it early. If you notice fraudulent activity within 2 days you are only liable up for $50. Some banks, like ING Direct want their customers to feel so safe, they go above and beyond the law and you are liable for $0. You just have to catch it early. So sign up for online banking and check your account every other day. It could get to be a pain, but at least you won't have your bank accounts completely drained!


Amanda said…
Another reason to use ING is that their interest rates are significantly higher than a normal bank, so you are making more by doing nothing. It's a great way to make your money work for you.
CGrim said…
My money tree has been a great investment. I just planted a $10 bill last summer, and water it with a couple quarters once a month, and so far, it's been bearing huge crops of up to $1000 a week!

You can plant smaller denominations, but it won't grow as large from year to year.
Anonymous said…
Woodrow Wilson anybody?

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