Airline Tip of the Day

If you're a failing airline like American Airlines who is so deplorable you can't even publish a customer service number we feel that you should at LEAST respond to emails, when that's the only provided way your customers can contact you for customer service. If you fully plan NOT to respond, you should send an automatic response to emails saying the following:

"Dear Devalued Customer,

We're sorry we treated you like a knob-schlobber, probably lost your bags and made you arrive late to your destination--if we got you there at all. But for the love--what do you expect from a failing, bankrupt airline who can't even afford to give you freaking peanuts? In summary, deal with your problem. Because we have no intention of getting back to you, helping you, or even letting you talk to a supervisor. If you actually wanted customer service, you should've either paid more for this ticket, or flown a different airline, maybe like Southwest. You may be now asking yourself why we're still in business. Basically, we're not sure either. But do yourself a favor, and don't expect any response to your message.

The burned-out, underpaid, annoyed American Airlines auto-reply computer."


JCo said…
What airline will you fly next time Jay? It seems you have had a really bad experience.
Jay said…
You know, I'm not sure. Christine tells me that AA is the ONLY airline that flies into Waco. So, if I want to go there again, I may just have to bite the bullet! I have ALWAYS been happy with Southwest, and even Continental too, I feel like. Interestingly, I think Southwest is the only airline turning a profit!

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