Bathing Tip of the Day

If you do have to give a cat a bath. You should at least take the necessary precautions. First, don't try to do this with your bare hands. Find a mesh bag, I don't know where you get this if you don't have one handy, but some females knew what I was talking about, I think they normally may be used to wash underthings. Stick the cat in the bag, the water and soap can get in, but the claws can hardly get out. Once you get the cat in the bag (heehe, sounds kind of backwards doesn't it) grabs the bag by the top and then dip her in the sink or tub. But standing water can only get your cat so clean, and not matter how tempted you are, don't touch the bag more then you have to. So just stick a little shampoo in the toilet, one or two flushes should clean kitty right up!


Amanda said…
That's so wrong, but so funny.

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