Travel Tip of the Day 2

Before traveling overseas, take a good look at the adapter on your laptop. Most adapters will tell you that they will adapt a voltage anywhere from 100 to 240 volts into the 20 volts that your computer battery requires. This is a nice feature for your laptop as it will be able to go to Europe with you with minimal trouble. All you'll need then is a 99 cent adapter as opposed to the much more expensive $30 converter. It's what they call "dual voltage", a thing heavily advertised in the on-post stores for those Americans who wish to buy a TV here and have it moved back there.


Jay said…
Ah yes, a great lesson learned. Thankfully, too, for devices that do support dual voltage, they can charge quicker too. I was very timid about plugging in a video camera to the high-voltage connection in Italy, but it worked fine, and my batteries got their charge quicker. I'm sure a LOT of 'turistas' buy the converter and the locals laugh heartily at them. Most electronics (iPods, cellphones, laptops, cameras, etc.) work on either voltage, but do check to make sure they support 240.
Amanda said…
I love that TodD is going international!
Pete said…
I think we may have to start translating the site into German. For example:

Aller, den Sie dann benötigen, ist ein 99-Cent-Adapter im Vergleich mit dem viel kostspieligeren Konverter $30. Es ist was sie "Doppelspannung" nennen, eine Sache, die schwer in den Aufpfosten Speichern für jene Amerikaner annonciert wird, die einen Fernsehapparat hier kaufen und ihn dort zurückschieben lassen möchten.

Which when read, should go something like this:

Everything, which you need then, is a 99-Cent-Adapter in the comparison with that much more expensive converter $30. It is which it "double tension" calls, a thing, which heavily in the Aufpfosten memory for those Americans is announced, who would like to buy a television set here and let him push back there.

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