Unrecognized Tip of the Weekend

Nothing is more frustrating than importing a CD into iTunes that's not recognized by CDDB™. Having to manually enter the track information is obnoxious, but there's a little shortcut for those of us like Pete and Jay who like having anally-maintained iTunes libraries. First, type in just the names of the tracks in iTunes. Then under the Advanced menu, click "Submit Track Names to CDDB." It will prompt you to fill out the information for the whole CD, and when you're done, you submit to CDDB so other poor blokes with the same CD will have it be recognized. Plus, iTunes adds that CD information to all the tracks, conveniently. So, you've killed 2 birds with one entry!


Pete said…
It should also be noted that you can select the CD in the source list on the left and "Get Info" on it, and that will allow you to punch in the Artist, Album and Genre before/without submitting the CD to CDDB.

And as a bonus bonus tip: What happens when you already have the songs in your iTunes? Well you can select multiple tracks (shift or command click) and then "Get Info". The box that comes up will allow you to change things across all of those tracks. Very handy

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