Wedding Tip of the Day

For the 20-90 minutes that your wedding ceremoney is taking place, grooms, you really really, don't need to have your cell phone on you. Because as history has shown, you will have a friend in the audience who will notice it, and send you a text message just to startle you, not to interrupt the whole ceremony because "surly it is on vibrate".

Even if it was on vibrate, you clearly can't take the call. Seriously people, there is no excuse for why you would need your cell phone while you've saving your vows. There is no "phone a friend" option.

Thanks, kind of, Julie


Jules said…
I'd like to clarify and say that, despite what you may think, no, my husband did not do this. It was a whole different couple. There. I've cleared my hubby's name. You're welcome, babe.

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