Sewer (But I hardly know 'er) Tip of the Day III

Finally, once you've been told that you're 1. being billed separately for sewer service and 2. having your sewer usage estimated in the winter months, it's especially fun to play a little prank on the City of Nicholasville's receptionist. Tell her that you'd like to cancel your sewer service, because you have found "alternate means" by which to dispose of your wastewater. If she protests, tell her it's your right as a U.S. citizen. The 18th amendment plainly states, "the right to private wastewater disposal." If she continues to protest, "flush it to the man" by flushing your toilet many more times in the summer than in the winter. With each flush you can laugh maniacally saying, "take THAT, City of Nicholasville!"


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