VGA Tip of the Weekend

This tip is better known as "The Mini-DVI Fiasco of '06." It all started on a cool wintery day in Pittsburgh, PA. Andy was feverishly trying to find a way to get the slideshow he created on Julie's iBook to a projector. I told him all he needed was a handy mini-DVI to VGA converter (a simple adapter made by Apple.) He bought the adapter but was shocked and appalled to find that it didn't fit Julie's iBook. Confused, I tested my iBook. No fit. And Christine's Macbook Pro. No fit. "WTF?" we thought. After much digging, we came to find out that a rogue Apple engineering elf, with an evil demise to sabotage the "Switch to a Mac" campaign, decided to do something highly annoying. He singlehandedly made some Macs with a mini-DVI port (which I thought all the computers had) and some with a mini-VGA port. And, to further sabotage the campaign, he made them so similar in size/shape/function that even an advanced Mac guru couldn't tell the difference. So, my tip is, think twice before you send someone on a mini-DVI run. And Steve Jobs, fire that evil elf who sabotaged your campaign.


Amanda said…
I'm proud that you can admit that Macs are not flawless. (Not to say they aren't good machines)
Jay said…
It's true. They have their quirks. But despite those quirks, they still far surpass PCs for what I need them to do!
CGrim said…
somewhat related, this made me chuckle:

"Macs are the Jessica Simpson of the computing world: getting by on their good looks and catchy ads. Sadly, PCs are the Stephen Hawking: ugly as sin, and so complicated that they border on incoherence.

Macs are the Poodle of the computing world: haughty and excessively groomed. Sadly, PCs are the Rottweiler: moody, and occasionally disobedient.

Macs are the Ex-Girlfriend of the computing world: pretty, but too particular in the details. Sadly, PCs are the crazy uncle: helpful in a crisis, but keeps offering unnecessary assistance the rest of the time.

Macs are the VW Beetles of the computing world: colorful and kitschy. Sadly, PCs are the Space Shuttle: somewhat impractical for the average user, and minor system failures are inevitably catastrophic."

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