Egg Tip of the Day

Eggs can be quite fragile and the last thing you want, is to not have any egg nog during the entire holidays season. But the second to last thing you want is to have busted eggs all over the floor and nothing for breakfast. So make it easier on yourself for next time you take the eggs out of the fridge. As you use eggs, use them up evenly, so that your cartoon has a predictable center of gravity. As shown here in our well lit, well exposed digital photograph:

Eggs Evenly Spaced in an egg crate


Amanda said…
This is a great tip for the incredible, edible egg. There have been numerous occasions where I have almost dropped the egg carton because of uneven distribution.

I have a friend who puts the used egg shells back in the carton. Then puts the carton in the refrigerator with the empty shells (along with the unused ones). If you ask me, that's a recipe for salmonella.
Pete said…
I just think that could just be a messy situation.
Jay said…
I think that's a recipe for O.C.D!

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