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Friday, January 14, 2005

Career Tip of the Day

You want your boss to like you, right? Even if they do, it doesn't hurt for them to like you MORE. To increase their opinion of you, here's a simple tip. Access your work email at home via webmail. Then, reply to his/her emails at a time when you should NOT be at work. Like, say, 8:00 in the evening. Sooner or later, your boss will be mislead to believe that you are a hard, dedicated worker who puts in extra time. This can also be especially helpful if you know you'll be late to work. Before you take your shower, log on and send an email, just responding to work. He/she will think you're in your office, or just had to step out for a meeting. Works like a charm. If you get a raise, we at Pete & Jay's Tip O da Day need a 2% fee.

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Blogger jarabeara said...

this is jara. that was funny. ha.

13 January, 2005 23:27

Blogger Stephanie said...

My coworker/roommate and I figured this scheme out years ago...no wait...oh yeah, that's because we many times are doing work from home at 10pm! If I ever see a raise because of it, though, I will make sure I buy you each a sweet tea and give ya'll pats on the back. ;-)

13 January, 2005 23:34

Blogger Kris said...

Ahhhh, if only I got a raise based on how many hours a day I worked. :)

14 January, 2005 08:07

Blogger ronald said...

The next tip should be how to avoid getting caught doing this... I'll be waiting.

14 January, 2005 10:23

Blogger jessie june said...

I just wanted to let you know...I was commenting at work this morning about your lovely site...(stupid move since now I won't be able to employ the tip...although that's ok cause I already work rediculous hours so I don't really need to pretend that I do and I also am not so sure that I really want my boss to like me) But anyway...one of our morning show hosts (from Mix 94.5) said she needed the website so she could use it as the "cool site of the day" during her show. You could be famous...all because of me. I'll expect 2% of the credit.

14 January, 2005 10:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter, you need a tip on the salvation army...

P. Rader

14 January, 2005 11:36

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear A-Team,
How do you deal with homeless guys asking you for money? I don't know how to say no, so I always end up lying and saying that I am broke. I really want to tell them that I don't want them to have my hard earned dollar because they are going to spend it on cheap booze and smokes.... WHat do I do?

14 January, 2005 11:47

Blogger Rnutt said...

Hmm..I'm with Kris. If only they cared about the hours I put in in the great world of education.

15 January, 2005 23:09

Blogger Pete said...

Ahh, Kris and Rach that's the problem working for a big corporation, almost no reward based raises.

Anonymous A-Teamer: I'll consider doing a future tip on dealing with homeless.

Everyone: Thank you so much for the warm response to our site. Feel free to tell pretty much anyone about Pete & Jay's Tip O Da Day, including any radio personalities you may know

16 January, 2005 22:02


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