Fashion Tip of the Day

or Metrosexual Tip of the Day

Guys, are you bored with your typical casual attire? Button-up shirt with the top (or top TWO if you're gutsy) buttons opened and an undershirt? Here's a real simple thing that can help your look. Try a different-colored undershirt. It can be any tee that either compliments or matches a color in the shirt. If you have trouble with that, ask a girl :-). But, as guys we have billions of tee shirts. Try a couple new combos to see what you can come up with. Once, a group of multi-aged women told me, "any greens go together." So, you can embrace that fact. Try any green with any other green to see what happens. If it's egregiously wrong, you need to have a woman in your life who can be brutally honest with you. It may sting, but it's for your own good.


Kris said…
Hmmm, having difficulty picking out the clothes this morning? It's no wonder. Here's a part two on your tip...never try to make a new outfit before 6 in the morning, you're simply not thinking right. If you must get up that early, pick out your clothes the day before, when you can see clearly. Actually, go ahead and call it not before 7a.m.
Pete said…
Lucky for us Kris, we're not up before 7!
Stephanie said…
In trying to verify whether any green can go with any green (I think that might work, just as long as any day-glo or fluorescents are NEVER brought into the picture), I found this: (The Seven Rules of Layering). I got a kick out of the examples on the second page of the article. I had no idea that guides like this existed.

In my five-minute foray into layering clothing I ran across this, which gave me quite a chuckle: (What Your Underwear Says About You). The writer breaches not only the topic of boxers vs. briefs, but whatever else is found in the men's unmentionables section. Tooooo funny. Is this site this guy's 9-5 career? ;-)

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