Surprise Tip of the Day

When planning a surprise birthday party for someone, it is usually best not to send the e-mail announcing the party to the person you are trying to surprise. Failing to follow this advice could take the 'oomph' out of the surprise.

Big shout out to Jay for illustrating this.


JCo said…
So does this mean we are not surprising anyone this evening? I guess I will have to put the noise makers back in the box eh?
Jules said…
Actually JEN, (now that we know who you are) I believe we are still pretending to surprise someone tonight. Don't ask me why since about 90% of the people know it's not a surprise... but it should be fun anyways. :)
Kris said…
Hmmm, I'd wondered about that when I saw a certain e-mail address on a certain e-mail. I think she'll forgive you, Jay, after all, it's the effort that counts, right?
Pete said…
Well Rob, 'Profanity' is Jason's middle name.

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