Fragrant Tip of The Day

To help preserve that Christmas cheer well in to January, we offer you the following tip: When removing your Christmas tree (this only works with real, formerly living, trees) make sure to knock it over, play on it and otherwise shake as many pine-needles loose as possible. When you get the tree out the front door if you see a giant pile of green then you should have enough for the next step. If you can still see your carpet, bring the tree back in the house and repeat. Once you are sure you have plenty of pine needles, grab the vacuum (Guys: make sure the bag is not already full) and begin to vacuum up the mess. Great you did it! Now every-time you vacuums the house will be filled with the fresh scent of Christmas, which I must say is much better then the usually dust smell archived with "standard" vacuuming.

(Warning: Pete & Jay and not responsible for any type of sap damaged caused by following this tip.)


Jules said…
I know we were heartily warned about Peter's tendency toward spelling and grammar mistakes. I suppose that this warning meant we were only expected to chuckle knowingly at each (and every) one as if they are just another example of Peter's darling qualities that make us love him so. In fact, especially after this post, the typos are driving me crazy to the point that I would like to personally volunteer my precious free time (or possibly company time, I'm flexible) to proofread every post before it goes up.

On another note, if you don't want to try out this "sap disaster" in the making, you could always follow my Dad's suggestion that my parents leave the Christmas tree up until the Super Bowl is over, after which the smell will be so ingrained in their living room it should last all year. GO STEELERS! :)
Jules said…
Nice Julie says: Spelling/grammar aside, I am impressed that there actually has been a new tip every day so far. Let's see if we can go a whole week, boys!

I will also write "Happy Birthday" to Kris on here, in case she checks it today. :-)
Pete said…
Well, maybe I should have called it the Flagrant Error of the Day. Sorry the errors were way above normal. I can copied the post into TextEdit to run the spell checker on it, proof read it, and then I forgot to paste it back into the actual entry.
Kris said…
Thanks Jules, I did in fact read the tip o today. I too am impressed that they have had so many tips. Just goes to show all the time these two guys spend thinking these things up. Or, perhaps the sheer number of crazy mishaps that they have...

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