Poultry Tip of the Day

Don't Put all your Eggs in one basket.

For example, if you are running a web site that calls for daily updates, it is probably best if your entire crack web team isn't based on one Internet connection. Jay and I lost our DSL connection the other night; luckily we're a couple of smart fellows and had already hired professional editors to bring our tips to the next level. So when the basket dropped, only half of the already-cracked-writing staff were cracked more than usual. The rest of the team, only cracked to their normal extent, were able to pick up the slack and kept you all from being sorely disappointed Tuesday morning. I've heard this also applies owning stocks and socks.


Kris said…
As a former stock owner, I'd say yes, it definately applies to stocks. When three of four go down, it takes that one to balance out! One word...diversify!

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