Hygiene Tip Of the Day

Forget to wear deodorant? One thing you should know is that you may not THINK you smell, but you probably do. So, if this happens, here's a simple solution. Pick ONE person (namely a docile, quiet, unsuspecting one) that you are with at ALL times during the day. NEVER be seen without that person. Then, if the person ducks out to go to the bathroom, exclaim, "I think (SAID PERSON) forgot deodorant! Did you smell that?" They'll think it's him/her, and not you! Now, your selection is important. Someone too loud might call YOU out first. Someone with impeccable hygiene, a metrosexual if you will, will never be mistaken for "that guy." And guys, girls don't smell. Don't pick a girl. Keep in mind, you only need to keep up pretenses until you can get to a deodorant dispensing location. Then, you'll be good to go.


Stephanie said…
...so what happens if (SAID PERSON) takes a really long time in the bathroom, and the odor continues to linger after they've left? Haven't you blown your cover? ~SC
Pete said…
"…until you can get to a deodorant dispensing location" Such as Wal-Mart, or any nearby Quickie Mart
Kris said…
Wow, posted at 6:30 in the morning...those are some deep thoughts for that time of the day. I know I was still sleeping!
OH, and guys, girls do smell, it's just distinctly different (so you still can't pick us to cover your stench), and you should never point it out, we can get kind of caty at times.

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