Warm Tip of the Day

Since we are in the middle of winter it is important to try to stay warm. Unfortunately, some employers feel that workplaces should be kept at a balmy 55°. While old men and polar bears are perfectly warm at this temperature many of us in the younger crowd, who have grown up with climate control all our lives, are unable to function inside at this temperature. (I don't want anyone yelling at me for dissing 55°. 55° inside while at work and 55° outside enjoying the sun are two different things.) So if your fingers are about to freeze and you don't think they will be able to preform necessary job functions you could put any-kind of space heater on your desk, or better yet get some gloves. Now if you Necessary Job Functions™ require a bit of dexterity in your fingers, you can simply get some cheap ones at your local Target and cut some holes in them. It'll do wonders. And don't worry about coworkers making fun of you, just remember some of us have been known to wear scars at work.


Anonymous said…
Great tips...I follow all of them and more. Space heater, check (it's running) and for really cold days, I have gloves (with the fingers cut out) in my desk drawer and a sweater always hung over the back of my chair, which I am usually wearing (our sophisticated climate control at Palmer leaves a lot to be desired.) Here's hoping everyone has a toasty day! JLM
Jules said…
I am NOT believing this whole "5:32 am" posting time. You guys are writing them at some other time and setting them to post at super early ridiculous times to make you look really committed. There, I just called you out.
Jay said…
Actually, Jules, we are finding it quite refreshing to post our tips that early. At Pete and Jay's, we're so busy that the early morning hours are the only time we have to write and develop our tip-tastic tips.

Additionally, in reference to Pete's last line of his post, I would like to see someone wear "SCARS" at work. Where do they work? It is obviously a hostile work environment and OSHA should be contacted IMMEDIATELY. :-)

Maybe a better solution to cold workplaces is to put everyone's desks side by side to create a huddle of people, in a near-snuggle position. This would help retain body heat. Of course, I don't want to snuggle with my co-workers, so most people probably would prefer the same. But it's just a thought.
Kris said…
Yeah, you guys are up that early, that's why Peter commented that fortunately for your fashion, you're never up before 7! :)
I got your back Jules!
Anonymous said…
Yeah...these guys don't wake up early! Big sleepers they are!

As for co-worker desk snuggling...at an engineering firm it is nice for the few women, lots of guys to choose from for your right and left desk mate!
:-) Or you can just keep those coats and tossle caps and gloves and scarves on!
Stephanie said…
Oh, shoot! I was just at Target and forgot to get some cheapo gloves so that I could cut the fingers out of them! Ah well. My tall boots, my jacket over my lap, and my Good Hope Vanilla tea are helping keep me toasty today. And no, I don't think I'd want to snuggle with my coworkers. I like them, but not that much. ;-)
Kris said…
Yeah, I'm going to go ahead and venture a guess that my boss wouldn't really like me snuggling up with anyone who is in my room during the day. Nor would they like me leaving my room to snuggle with a co-worker. Might be a liability issue with that one. I'm sure the Rachels are with me on that one.
Alison said…
I totally agree with Julie...you guys are NOT posting the tips that early! I'm sure, with your wack web skills, you're setting your tips blog at European time or something. Come clean!;)

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