iTunes Tip of the Day

This tip is dedicated to those of use who are suckers from free stuff even if it sucks. There are 13 songs available for free on the iTunes Music Store by obscure artists! You'll be able to experience hits from greats like the 'Scissor Sisters', 'Miri Ben-Ari' and 'Le Tigre'. Yep I haven't heard of them either, but they're free! Fellow iTunes junkies will notice that they never saw a link to such an album on the main page. "How do I find it?" you might ask. It'll pop up when you buy a new iPod and plug it in, but if your not up for dropping $99 on a new iPod shuffle you can still download them if you have the link.

Thanks to Macworld's Mac 911 Blog for today's tip


Pete said…
Yes, from what I hear, a lot of people know Scissor Sister, and I have actually heard a couple more of there songs since then, they sound familiar, so I must have heard them and not realized it. I'm starting to like there stuff. I'm being exposed to know artists, and isn't that the point of free music!?

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