Mac Tip of the Day

Is your Mac running sluggishly lately? If so, it could need a good old-fashioned P-RAM zap. Restart your Mac and as soon as the screen goes black, hold down COMMAND (apple), OPTION, P, R. You will the standard Mac "GOOOOSH" sound, but keep holding the keys down until you hear this startup sound 3 or 4 times. Let go, and your computer will probably continue booting faster than it ever has.


Anonymous said…
Ok, I must confess...I read Mac Tip of the Day and thought "Mac and Cheese, cool...that is weird how does mac and cheese get sluggish?" Then when I read COMMAND, OPTION, P and R, I realized I was not reading about food. Do you have a parallel tip for non-apple (food again, I must be hungry) users? JLM
Pete said…
Sorry to disappoint you Jen, and sorry to all about the geeky tip. We're saving most of the geekier ones for the weekends, under the assumption that more people read Tip O Da Day during the week.

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