Etiquette Tip of The Day

When you arrive home at an hour when roommates still might be sleeping (11:00am on a Sunday, particularly), and there are houseguests in town, never assume that everyone's up and the security system is off--make sure you press "off" on the security system remote before you open any exterior door (two quick beeps is better then 10-12 longer alarm-type ones). Also, NEVER have cold groceries with you in this situation. You might be fortunate if the houseguest in the adjacent living room is a hard sleeper--you might just be able to get all of the cold items in the fridge. But you're out of luck if the kitchen sink decides to back up when you're getting rid of old milk when you're making room for the new. Then the big question arises--do you wake them up with the disposal, or do you let them slowly wake up to the smell of sour milk? I assure you, just follow the tip--no groceries on weekends before 2pm, and get that alarm turned off before you wake up the neighborhood.


Kris said…
This tip is especially helpful for those of us who keep severly different hours from our roommates! Thanks guys! What would we ever do without you?
Jay said…
I think this post goes to show us all that Steph is a nicer person than we are. My policy has always been this: if it's after 11:00, anything goes. It's one thing to be a noisy roomie at 8:00 am, but at 11:00, that person should be awake! I think what you should do is leave the milk on the counter, and put a post-it on the houseguest saying, "hey sleepyhead--when you wake up, kindly put the milk in the disposal." :-)
Kris said…
Clearly, you haven't tried living with my brother, Jay. It's almost a miracle if he's up before 3! Also a miracle if he's back in the house by 1a.m.
As long as he promises not to wake me up when he comes in during all hours of the night, I won't wake him during the day.
Anonymous said…
I just have this feeling that there is a darn good story to accompany the tip for today.

Also, what if you don't have a disposal? Now where does the milk go?
Stephanie said…
Oh yes, there is always a good story! Remind me to tell you the next time I see you, anonymous person. :-)

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