Blogger Tip of the Day

Some blogs, unlike Pete & Jay's Tip O Da Day, don't allow people to post anonymous comments. I can't argue with that, as there is something scary with letting anyone in the world comment on your blog, because this world has some crazy anyones. When you try to sign up for an account with Blogger, it looks like you have to start a blog too, but that is not the case. For those of you who aren't ready to commit to new ways of wasting your time, you can simply stop the sign-up process after the first screen! Yep, fill out the easy first page of info., click on the button for the next step, and then just close the window. Then you're signed up with a Blogger screen-name. Now you'll be able to log in and post comments with your name attached!


Alison said…
I love your subtle--but sweet--way of telling Jen that she doesn't have to post anonymously anymore.;) Come on Jen! We all know it's you!
JCo said…
Ok, ok, I have a name now and it wasn't even that painful! :-)

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