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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Itch Tip of the Day

If you happen to be wearing a cast, and you have an itch, take the pen cap off before you scratch, lest the cap come off and get stuck where you can't find it!


Blogger Stephanie said...

Ugggh!! Can you imagine having a body cast like that?! Due to said itching, claustrophobia, and not being able to move, I would probably want to be heavily sedated for as long as I'd have to wear it!! I guess I was really lucky when I broke my back a few years ago, not having to wear any sort of brace or cast!

06 July, 2005 07:08

Blogger Jay said...

OMG, I have a really funny story about a body cast from a friend. I need to check and see if it's OK for me to post it...

06 July, 2005 08:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

today is sj day!!!hahaha...and in e morning our squad full strength n i am the ic...haha.
at first thoought i will be la

06 July, 2005 08:57

Blogger Amanda said...

Instead of a pen, you could use a long knitting needle or crochet hook. That would get farther under the cast area without the risk of losing a cap.

06 July, 2005 09:25

Blogger Kris said...

IF I'm ever in a body cast, I'm going to ager for help!

06 July, 2005 10:21

Blogger Jay said...

Not quite sure what anonymous is saying. Translation, anyone? Oh, and I have permission to tell the body cast story. A good friend of mine, who will remain anonymous, had to be in a body cast, and one day (as was typical) her mother was washing her hair in the tub. So, there she was, leaned back and her mom went to answer the phone. Upon doing this, her little brother took advantage of the situation, and punched her in the nose, BREAKING IT! I just would have cracked up to see that play out! OK, that is not NEARLY as funny on blogger as it is in real life!

06 July, 2005 11:09

Blogger Kris said...

oh! that's terrible!
And I must say that I too amd lost in translation when it comes to the anonymous comment.

06 July, 2005 11:12

Blogger Jay said...

Oh, and my anonymous friend was Sarsat!>

06 July, 2005 11:19

Blogger Pete said...

So the friend in your story was SarSat, but the indecipherable comment was not. Am I understanding your correctly Jay?

06 July, 2005 15:17

Anonymous SarSat said...

Yes...I was in a body cast for 9 months...and no Pete...I wasn't "anonymous" who posted the weird comment! The worst part of the whole experience was that I had to ride the short bus to school because the regular size bus wouldn't fit down our circle. I was the only person on the bus that could talk...so the bus driver brought me a pop every day because I kept her company! As a kid...I never thought I would laugh at that situation...but it's hilarious to me now! Ask me about it someday...or Jay...he likes to tell the stories!

06 July, 2005 19:24


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