Honey Tip of the Day

Ever notice that your kitchen's own honey bear (no wait, this kind) always reads, "Do not feed to infants under the age of one year old?" It's true. I asked myself,

"Self, why does this matter?"
We speculated everything from choking hazard to allergies to local pollen. But according to a reliable web source, the reason babies can't eat honey is because honey can naturally contain bacteria that adults can easily process, but may cause infant botulism. I don't think it's fatal in most cases, but doesn't sound like fun either. So, if you got little noofers (a note from the editor: Jay, I think you meant "ankle biters") running around, keep 'em away from the honey bear!


Stephanie said…
For those of you who might have wondered if the Pete & Jay's team was lollygagging today--Blogger was acting ornery for about 15 hours beginning last night. Your daily dose of nonsen...er....helpfulness is now live!

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